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Services Offered

  ~ Medical Aesthetics

  ~ Wellness and Preventive Healthcare

  ~ Physical Therapy


Note:  all services are available for in home consultation,                 treatment and follow up

Medical Aesthetics

~ Lip Design- FDA approved Dermal Fillers used for injections by DEVORAH include: Belotero; Juvederm; Restylane; Versa. FDA approved neruomodulators used by DEVORAH include: Botox; Xeomin.
~ Facial Peel - We use medical grade Alpha Hydroxyl Acid; Beta Hydroxyl Acid. There is no down time using these chemical products. Often known as "mini peels" or "lunch time peels". Facial rejuvenation mask follows the peel as part of the procedure to soothe and protect the sensitive skin. Sun block is applied as well. Post procedure facial peel kits are included in treatment for after care.
~Facial Medical Rejuvenation Products (designed and manufactured in USA recommended for the following skin types)
* Cleansers and Toners - acne type, anti-aging, menopausal, sun damage, dehydrated, smoker's, hyperpigmentation, psoriasis, rosacea, pseudofolliculitis (ingrown hairs, shaving bumps are common terms)
* Spot Stop - carry in purse or pocket for spot treatment to dry out acne lesions or new blemishes
* Oxygen Boosting Mask -anti-aging, smoker's, sun damage
* AHA Firming Body Lotion
* Green Tea Refreshing Mist - smoker's, sun damage
* Oil Free Moisture Smoother
* Vitamin A, Vitamin C Revitalizing Cream
* Replenishing Sunblock SPF 30, 36, 45 (recommended with use of this product line)
Special note: Entire product line is not included in this list. Products are meant to be applied in layers. Application demonstration and care of skin teaching is included with treatment sessions by DEVORAH as well as education and benefits of product ingredients.


Wellness and Preventive Healthcare

Weight Reduction -
              caloric intake teaching (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) and calculation, diet                  plans and education on diet and weight reduction theories
Personal Training -
              training in home instruction or gymnasium specific to patient's age and                        health
Fitness -
              cardiovascular risk assessment/calculation, instructions and education in                  maximum heart rate target related to exercise or functional activities of                      daily living


Physical Therapy

Balance -
       guided home exercise programs, muscle strengthening, fall prevention                       checks, proprioception training (awareness of your body in relation to your                 surroundings), assistive device education and training
Vestibular -
        facial nerve Palsy Rehabilitation
        specific treatment related to a diagnosis of BPPV (benign paroxysmal                          positional vertigo) symptoms of a spinning sensation that is treated with an                "Epley Maneuver"   

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