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Case Study #1

Patient requests and consultation: Our 47 year old women asked for volume to be added to her upper lip. "I have never had an upper lip". Cupid's bow to be more pronounced. Lower lip to be fuller but not to big. "A natural look".
Consultation: Vertical fine line was noted on upper lip next to philtral column on the left. Some loss of lip angles lower lip.
Procedure: Juvederm injected using a tenting technique to evert the upper lip, volume added. Increased lower lip volume then focused on the need for defining her lip angles. Volbella 0.2 ml injected to Cupid's bow plus one fine vertical line parallel to her philtral column of the left upper lip. Total of 0.8 ml of dermal filler.


Case Study #2

Patient requests and consultation: Our 34 year old women asked for increased size of her upper lip. "I fell on my face as a child cutting my right upper lip". "Since then my right upper lip has been uneven compared to my left side and I was wondering if a dermal filler would make both sides of my upper lip even". She also asked to make her Cupid's bow more noticeable and to add more volume to her lower lip.
Consultation:  Lower lip corners were noted to be white on her red dry lip portion correlating with dehydrated lips .Both upper and lower lips were noticeably thin.
Procedure: Versa dermal filler was injected to evert the upper lip. Volume added more on the right side than left creating now an even upper lip. Her Cupid's bow was filled to correct the peaks and midline tubercle (also known as the labial tubercle). After adding filler to her lower lip, the white corners of the lip returned to a normal red color at the red dry portion. Total of 1.0 ml of dermal filler.

Case Study 2b.jpg

Case Study #3

Patient requests and consultation: Our 72 year old women asked to make her Cupid's bow more prominent and to increase the size of her lower lip "pout". "I have had dermal filler injections for a very long time and it must be true that the filler helps build collagen as they are now saying". "For I have been pleased to see that my lips are in good condition for my age".
Consultation:  Indeed, our 72 year old women had lips in good condition as stated. It was agreed that we would go slow to design a lip for her that would enhance her lower lip "pout" and make her Cupid's bow more noticeable. Her facial skin and surrounding oral structure was also noted to be in good condition making it more likely to deliver to her a lip design with a good outcome. Her last lip filler was 5 years ago.
Procedure: Volbella was used in 2 stages so as to keep her side effects to a minimum. Cupid's bow was injected with 0.05 ml , 0.05 ml to each philtral column and 0.05 ml to upper lip body each side. Continued using 0.05 ml increments to give an slightly enhanced lower lip "pout" and 0.05 ml to each side of lower lip. Total of 0.4 ml first stage. In agreement with patient second stage injections was planned 3 weeks later. There was minimal bruising subsiding in 6 days first stage. Second stage injections added an additional 0.25 ml of Volbella to enhance the angles around lower lip and add a little more volume to upper lip body. Total of 0.65 ml in both stage one and two dermal filler injections.

Case Study 3a.jpg
Case Study 3b.jpg
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